Hot Springs, AR – Jun 20,2009

Saturday, June 20, 2009
4:00pm - All Ages
Timberwood Amphitheatre (map)
1701 E Grand Ave
Hot Springs, AR, United States of America 71901

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  1. Sarah says:

    I am SOOOO goin to this show!!!

  2. Jon Scott says:

    As am I.

  3. Alex Barrett says:

    Hey, i went to your show at the glass house! I had a blast and enjoyed the show, well that is, what i saw of it. i had to leave early because i work graveyard. I want to see the whole show but wont be anywhere else your playing. However i will be in Arizona on June 11th and 12th because i drive a nostalgia funny car and that happens to be where my race is. i want to invite Relient K to come to my race, you can be my guests, i can’t promise that you can stand up on the line with my crew but i can sure try.anyways i don’t know if you will be in Arizona that soon but if you are I’d love it if you could come watch me race, but i would understand if you left early since i left your show early. if you can make it or even if you can’t my email is or go to my website at

  4. Reagan says:

    OMG, that will be my very first show to go to! This is completely cliche, but you are my all-time FAVORITE band… ever.
    My friend just told my I had RTD (Relient K Disorder)
    Can’t wait to come see you guys!


  5. Nicci says:

    Is this show still happening? It isn’t listed on Magic Springs’ website.

  6. Andy says:


  7. Lauren says:

    im sooo goin on saturday but is it for 4 or 8 this site says 4 but the magic springs site says 8. does any1 know the accual time???

  8. Abbey says:

    Hey! Im soexcited about the show tonight!!Cant wait to see yall!!

  9. Karl says:

    I’m so GLAD you guys came to Arkansas!!!! I finally got to see you live, and it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Samuel says:

    Great job Relient K! Nice to see you guys spice up Hot Springs a little bit, i think the 5 Dollar Foot Long part was the guys rocked.

  11. Andy says:

    haha YAY for five dollar footlongs!

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