Willmar, MN – Jul 18,2009

Sonshine Festival
Saturday, July 18, 2009
3:00pm - All Ages
Willmar Civic Center (map)
2707 Arena Drive
Willmar, MN, United States of America 56201

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  1. Austin Blumberg says:

    i will be there. you guys rock!! my favorite band is going to be in MN, my home state this is awesome. cant wait untill the sunshine festival. you guys are amazing!

  2. Leigha Roberts says:

    Hey guys! I can’t wait to see you for the 8th time! It’s always so exciting when you come back and play! You always amaze me with all your girfted abilites. Thanks for all the great shows! I look forward to seeing more and more.

  3. Jacob Dutton says:

    Hay guys, this will be my first time seeing you guys in concert. I have lissened to a lot of your cds and i love all of your songs. My favorite song is The Sadie Hawkinds Dance. If you could play that song for me that would be sooo cool. Thanks guys.

  4. Court Tolif says:

    Can’t wait for SONSHINE. It’s my first year going all weekend. You are on my list of need-2-see.

  5. Abbie Johnson says:

    I’m severely bummed that I couldn’t make it out to Sonshine. I’ve fallen in love with your songs and they have inspired me in more ways than I can count, especially the song Hope for Every Fallen Man (Acoustic Version). I have it on one of my goals in life to see you guys in concert before I get to old and start complaining about ‘kids these days and their loud music.’Wish you could come to Lifelight though would make things a wee bit simpler. Have a blast at the rest of your shows and remember all of us who were stuck at home dreaming of one day seeing you in concert!!

  6. Jacob T says:

    Thanks for the amazing concert guys! It was awesome… I was fighting the crowd the whole time to be as close as I was but it was defintely worth it! Mood Rings and Chap Stick were very pleasant surprises. Come back to Fargo!

  7. Annie K says:

    Hey guys! You have no idea how jealous of half my friends that got to come out and see you at Sonshine. They were talking and talking about how amazing you were, and I’m ready to cry! You have to be my favorite band of all time; I have all your albums but I’m sad to say I’ve never seen you live! Can you believe it?! Me neither, I know. I was hoping I’d catch you on tour, but I missed that, too! And now that I’m pretty sure I’m going to Warped, I can’t believe you aren’t going. D: Last year I couldn’t make it and I cried I couldn’t see you guys! I have to say, I’m with Abbie Johnson on this one; remember us poor dreaming kids! Hope to see you soon! :D

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