Houston, TX – Oct 20,2009

A Three Hour Tour
Tuesday, October 20, 2009
6:00pm - All Ages Buy Tickets
813 St. Emanuel Street
Houston, TX, United States of America 77003
Other Info
with Copeland and Barcelona. Pre-sale starts August 13th, 2009 at 10am CDT

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  1. Evan Sweezey says:

    Hey Relient K! Seems like I’ve been waiting forever to see you guys in concert! Can we get back stage or VIP passes to this show? It would mean a whole lot to me to meet the band,,,

  2. Tyler S says:

    Ok i want a promise from Matty T that if i come to this concert that you will be COMPLETLY healthy…i know it will be a stretch with the nasty houston air and apparently your immune system cant handle the heat lol i saw yall in the meridian with mae like 5 years ago and you were sick even then…still a great concert but i want a 100 percent Matty T. Thanks!!!

  3. maritza says:

    Finally!!! I’ve been waiting FOREVER for you to come to Houston!! I’m the one who’s been begging you to come here on SayNow! I LOVE your music… obviously or I wouldn’t be begging you to come… but if its possible, I would like V.I.P. passes or whatever… even a friendly hello would make me more than happy… actually I think I prefer the hello over the passes… so ummm well i hope you enjoy Houston… and thanks for coming because it can get pretty boring here sometimes soooo thanks again!
    Love You Always,
    Maritza <3

  4. maritza says:

    oh and if u want, it would be cool if like we could all go out to somewhere and hang out! i love u guys to death but dont worry i wont be screaming my head off like i would want to if we hung out…yea idk what we could do but we can find something…that is if u guys have time and stuff…if u want to just tweet me @relientk_fan and my facebook is maritza munoz and i deleted my myspace sooo…yea tell me if u guys are interested

  5. Ethan Poynot says:

    hey guy, i just bought the new album today, and i love it!!!

    see ya’ll in huston.


  6. Whitney says:

    Hey would it be ok if I bought tickets at the door? Is that available? Cause ticketmaster is a bit ridiculous when it comes to surcharges…

  7. Pops Burnett says:

    Hey we been waiting a long time for this headline show…I’m a 47 year old dude who is probably too old for this but I am bringing my kids and their friends so I will look responsible…of course it is a school night but…

  8. Chris Davis says:

    Thanks for grinding it out in Houston. Best RK show I’ve seen…liked the set list…any thoughts of adding Sahara?

  9. maritza says:

    i went to the concert!!! it was beyond amazing!!! and matty t said u loved me in the middle of the concert after i screamed, “I LOVE YOU!!!” hahahahah im such a nerd but i dont care!! k well love ya lots come back soon byeeee!! :)

  10. maritza says:

    oh yea and jon waved back at me from inside the bus when i was waiting outside and someone else waved also but i couldnt see who because your windows are so tinted! could you guys tell me? and i was probably like the youngest girl there hahaha!

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